What we Do for “Payroll”
We supporting Payroll in 20+ countries along with our Policy Library which covers updated tax policies and SI/PHF rules in 480+ cities in China. We also provide a real-time smart compensation analysis platform based on AI technology, People+ helps enterprises to face the challenges of globalization and tax reform by providing one stop “Payroll, Social Insurance, Tax and Benefits” services.
Also, the mobile apps enhance efficiency and employee satisfaction, thus make your “Pay” more valuable.

Integrated solutions promote efficiency
eSalary · eTax
Integrated payroll and tax solutions makes IIT deduction and declaration easy from now on!

● Reduces repetitive communication

● Easy calculation

● Legal compliance to avoid risks

One stop payroll solution
  • Compensation structure design

    We help enterprises to establish a smart compensation structure and policies to ensure the external competitiveness and internal fairness.
  • Pay intelligently

    Smart payment solutions via internet, combined with real-time policy support and staff care as value added services.
  • Payroll & commission processing

    Powerful payroll engine with high configurability, which supports multi-dimensional calculation, retro-accounting and sequential calculation; real-time processing of all kinds of complex payroll and commission scenarios.
  • Real time motivation

    Various scenarios with gamification for real-time employee motivation, to enhance employee morale and engagement.
People+ supports all kinds of complex payroll scenarios, ensures authorization control and process management, with high performance and a calculation accuracy of 100%.
They all trust eRoad
The value of eRoad is the foundation of customer's trust. The trust of the customer allows us to go further and to be more stable. The value and innovation that we provide to customers has allowed us to build a longstanding 10 year customer base. People+ has become the best choice for more and more enterprises.
  • Wellington HRD


    eRoad People+ helps Wellington improve enterprise HR management level and efficiency, achieving the goals of approving flow standardization, employees processing streamlines and centralized date management.
  • naked Group CEO

    Manoj Mehta

    The digitalization for naked was implemented and went live in the first two months for thousands of employees. In addition to salary calculation, People+ helped us to achieve a paperless office, which is fully in line with naked's concept of sustainable development.
  • Pod inn CIO

    Chen Yong

    Internet thinking and the openness in People+ make us to choose eRoad. Through the People+ platform, employees' daily operation has become more interesting.
They all choose eRoad People+
Revolution begins from now on