Technical support

Technical  support

People+ is a new generation of human capital management cloud service platform based on SaaS model and naturally applied to mobile terminal. It can cross multiple platforms such as PC, mobile APP and WeChat. It provides a complete set of modules to provide self-service for employees, managers and administrators.

1. People+ technical support based on SaaS model

(1) flexible and rapid deployment is available. According to the best practice configuration to build a dedicated system, based on the needs of the enterprise flexible selection of appropriate modules to ensure the security of enterprise data.

(2) substantially reduce the TCO of enterprises. Enterprises do not need to purchase and build all the network infrastructure, software and hardware operation platforms required by informatization, nor do they need to recruit professional IT personnel. At the same time, we are responsible for all the early implementation, late maintenance, free upgrade and other services.

2. independent development of triple protection

The designers and developers of People+ have rich experience in enterprise application development. Unlike the public cloud on the market, we use a separate subordinate, providing each customer with independent development, testing and production triple protection. And the background database encryption, only in the system environment to interpret the data information.

3. Network security

For the security of network transmission, we use SSL (condom interface protocol) to ensure the security of network transmission. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is currently supported by most browsing encryption transmission protocol, SSL is located between HTTP and TCP Layer, establish encrypted communication between the user and the server, ensure that the security of information, the communication mechanism based on SSL can ensure the privacy of communication process, prevent the communication data during transmission be eavesdropping and tampering with or forged.

This protocol USES the public key algorithm to determine the encryption, compression and verification algorithm, as well as the parameters and keys of the algorithm, etc. used for data transmission in the initial stage of communication, so as to ensure the security of communication, select the efficient encryption algorithm, and achieve high communication efficiency in the process of communication. Using SSL can ensure the security of system network transmission effectively.

4. High-end core platform of the project

The core platform of the project, "industrial chain cloud system, ICC", took 3 years to develop. It adopts leading technologies such as multi-tenant, self-configuration, dynamic hybrid cloud deployment, and combines with APP and WeChat enterprise number third-party platform. Is the world's only mobile terminal based on the mobile Internet hybrid cloud system.