Service agreement

People+ service agreement

The People+ service platform (hereinafter referred to as "the platform") shall provide services in accordance with the provisions of the People+ service agreement (hereinafter referred to as "the service agreement"). The service agreement shall have the force of contract. Party a of the service agreement shall be the legitimate operator of the platform and party b of the service agreement shall be "user" or "you". When you register, please read this platform statement carefully, review and accept or not accept this platform statement. If you confirm to register as a user of the platform, you have fully read, understood and agreed to enter into a service agreement with the platform, and you are voluntarily bound by the terms of the platform statement. The platform has the right to change the statement of the platform according to the actual situation at any time and make announcement on the platform. The revised terms shall take effect automatically upon the announcement of the platform. If you do not agree with the relevant changes, you must stop using the platform and cancel your account information. Once you continue to use the platform, you have accepted and voluntarily complied with the revised terms. The service agreement shall include the text of the agreement and all rules published by the platform. All rules are an integral part of the service agreement and have the same legal effect as the body of the service agreement.

Article 1 user qualification

1. Only natural person or legal person who meets one of the following conditions can apply to be A user of the platform and can use the services of the platform: B. a person without or with limited capacity for civil conduct shall obtain the consent of his guardian in advance; C. Organs, enterprises, institutions, mass organizations and other organizations established and legally existing in accordance with Chinese laws, regulations and administrative rules. If a unit or organization with no human qualification is improperly registered as a user of the platform, the agreement between it and the platform shall be invalid from the very beginning. Upon discovery of the platform, the platform shall have the right to immediately terminate the service provided to the user and hold him/her liable for using the service of the platform.

2. The user shall provide a clear contact address and telephone number, as well as his/her real name or name.

The user shall provide a clear contact address and telephone number, as well as his/her real name or name.

1. Users have the right to inquire service information through the platform in accordance with the service agreement and relevant rules issued by the platform, participate in relevant activities of the platform and have the right to enjoy other relevant information and information services provided by the platform.

2. The user shall be responsible for keeping his/her own user account and password, and shall be responsible for all activities (including but not limited to inquiring service information, clicking on the Internet to agree to various agreements and rules, etc.) under the user account and password. Any loss caused by the user's fault shall be borne by the user himself, including but not limited to: failing to follow the prompts of the platform, failing to make an appointment in time, forgetting or disclosing the password, password cracking by others, and the computer you use being invaded by others.

3. Users shall provide the platform with true and accurate registration information, including but not limited to real name, id number, E-mail address, contact phone number, address and postal code. It is guaranteed that the platform can contact users through the above contact information. At the same time, users should also timely update the relevant registration information when the relevant information is actually changed. The platform will use its best efforts to properly keep the personal information of the aforementioned users. Except with the express authorization of the user and the express provisions of laws, the platform will not provide the personal information of the user to any third party.

4. Users shall not transfer or authorize others to use their registered user accounts on the platform in any form without authorization.

5. Users have the obligation to ensure that the demand information published on the platform is true and without misleading.

6. After receiving the service, users can post comments, opinions and other contents on the platform, as well as put forward Suggestions, opinions or other information. Users in the use of this platform may not be in violation of state laws, regulations and administrative rules and regulations, may not infringe others' intellectual property rights or other legitimate rights and interests of information, shall not violate social public interests or public morality, shall not violate the relevant provisions of this platform in, if there is any violation of any legal consequences, users will be independently bear corresponding legal responsibilities in its own name.

7. The user agrees to receive information from the platform.

Article 3 rights and obligations of the platform

1. This platform only provides users with an information service platform, which provides users with mobile office, human resource management and salary services.

2. The platform is obliged to make efforts to ensure the normal operation of the entire platform on the basis of the existing technical level, and try its best to avoid service interruption or limit the interruption time to the shortest time to ensure the smooth progress of users' online query activities.

3. The platform has the right to review the registered information of users, and the platform has the right to issue a notice to ask users about any problem or suspected registration information, and ask users to make explanations and corrections within a specified period.