Compensation calculation
  • Powerful payroll engine
    Real time calculation with high performance by distribution calculation technology for multi-tenancy; Support complex situations like retro accounting, consolidated tax etc. with snapshot technology; 100% calculation accuracy.
  • Flexible on-demand configuration
    Flexible configuration of pay types, rules, periods, etc. to satisfy all kinds of pay structures with no need of coding; meanwhile ensures the legal compliance and meet requirements of new IIT tax.
  • Accurate process management
    Guided processing steps and approval process supported to ensure a smooth process control; accurate authorization control and group control; improve work efficiency and reduce human error.
  • Multi-dimension KPI
    Supports setting up of multi-dimension KPIs which may be affected by organization structure, sales revenue, attendance time, and other dynamic performance indicators; gives real-time compensation feedback to employees based on their performance, thus to build a highly engaged team.
BI data analysis
eRoad BI enables a new model of "HR+ business data" to present the overall analysis of human effectiveness and cost effectiveness of your organization, to help your business operation become more efficient and improve your business insight.
  • Master the ROI of your human capital, to realize the human resources planning and talent management;
  • Digital means improved management efficiency, more strict budgeting and cost management, enterprise culture and employer branding;
  • Multi-dimension, in-depth and comprehensive data graphics help enterprises to avoid decision-making risks and make wise business decisions.
One-stop employee lifecycle management 
    • Core human resources

      Employee centered core human resource management to integrate key data and business processes; Reduce HR operational work, improve management efficiency, and support enterprise talent strategy.

      Organization management

      Contract management

      Employee center

      Employee manager self service

      Personnel event

    • Time management

      Transparent and efficient management of staff time via mobiles to achieve attendance, leave, overtime, and scheduling management; highly configurable time rules to meet management requirements and to ensure compliance





    • Compensation management and payroll processing

      Supports all complex requirements of various compensation structures; integrated and real-time payroll processing with accuracy rate of 100%.

      Compensation structure design

      Payroll processing

      Real-time incentive

      Intelligent payment solution

    • Travel and reimbursement

      Reimbursement budget control; expenses analysis in real time and traceable to projects; multi-currency reimbursement supported; expense reimbursement can be related to corresponding travel requests.

      Travel plan

      Expenses reimbursement

      Budget controls

    • Recruitment management

      Provide one-stop recruitment solution from job posting, interview management and offer management. Jobs can be posted via mobile and the real-time interaction with applicants can be achieved via mobile too. While the web side provides all records and analysis to improve management.

      Job requisition and application

      Interview process

      Talent pool

      Offer letter

    • Onboarding

      Integrated with recruitment and employee master data, onboarding solution enables the applicant to fill in personal info from mobile, and supports the onboarding check list.

      Offer letter

      Wechat notification

      Confirm onboarding

    • Learning and training

      Anytime anywhere mobile learning with gamification.

      Curriculum management


      test and course evaluation

      Knowledge base

    • Corporate collaboration

      Mobiles, internet and office systems are organically consolidated to make communication free and seamless.

      Mobile office

      Corporate social

      Information publishing